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  • I just booked my wedding what do I need to do now?
    Congratulations on your engagement!!! What a fun and exciting time for you!!! Have you decided if you would like to have a theme for your wedding or a color scheme? Once you have an idea of the feel you would like your wedding to have, search for those wedding ideas and start pinning on Pinterest. Pin the colors you like or the size and shape of the design. Pin all things that relate to the wedding you envision so that we will have a good overall idea of what you want to accomplish with your flower designs. By doing this, you will give us the information we need to help you design your wedding details. Please note: Select “Book Your Consultation Online” from the links above to start the planning process.
  • Should I have a Phone Consultation or an In Person Consultation?
    That’s a great question. It’s entirely up to you. However, with the help of technology and Pinterest, we can work together to create your wedding day vision. Pinterest has an instant messaging feature which allows us to send you examples of different flower types and designs. So, if you can be in front of your computer for the consultation, a phone consultation could be the way to go.
  • How soon should I book my consultation?
    Once you have selected your colors or theme, you are ready to have your consultation. Pinterest is a good source of ideas and a way to compile your desires for the consultation. It’s your digital scrapbook.
  • Do you deliver and set up?
    Included in every proposal is a service charge that will include: Pick up and proper care of flowers, designers’ costs, delivery and set-up prior to the event, and pick-up of any rentals following the conclusion of the event.
  • Do you have minimums?
    We don’t have minimum order requirements.
  • What is your retainer?
    We charge a $300 nonrefundable retainer which applies to your full balance. If your balance is below $300, the total balance will be your retainer.
  • Where are you located and what are the hours?
    We are located on Tribute Rd. between Cal Expo and Costco. We are open by appointment only.
  • What do I do with my centerpieces after my wedding?
    This is a two-part question. Part A: Rental containers – These are to be left at your venue following your event for us to pick up. The flowers are yours to do with as you please. To prevent your guests from accidentally walking away with them, you should ask your coordinator to remove them from the table when dinner is finished and dancing has begun (recommended for tall designs). You can also request your DJ to inform the guests that they can have the flowers but the containers are to remain at the venue. Part B: Purchased containers – The entire centerpieces can be given to your guests as a take home gift. You could have a little fun with this and ask your DJ to play a game with your guest for the centerpieces--- maybe the first couple on the dance floor for a whole song or the couple that’s been married the longest at the table or the most recently married couple at the table. Sometimes something special is put under a chair/cup/plate/etc (one for each table). Another option is to generously give back to the community with an organization like “The Petal Connection”. The Petal Connection is a group of i volunteers who gather together to bring love and joy to hospice patients, their families and seniors in our community. They can help you schedule this option in advance. FYI: If you choose to do this, you can purchase containers from us for as little as $4 (depending on style).
  • Do you offer military discounts?
    “The land of the free because of the brave”--- We proudly offer extra benefits/discounts to our active duty service members.
  • Do you serve LGTBQ weddings?
    We provide floral services to all members of our community.
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