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Brie's introduction to the world of flowers began at a very young age when Wild Flowers Design Group was established by her mother and grandmother. Brie grew up working at the Studio, developing an eye for design and a love of color. From there she transitioned to coordinating events for Hotel Sales and Special Events. It was Brie's craving for creative control and independence that ignited the career change from hospitality in 2013. This inspired her to return to the world of flowers as a designer and entrepreneur. Today, Brie is a favorite among Sacramento brides and wedding planners.

Carolyn, along with her mother Oleta, founded WFDG in 1986, specializing in large floral installments often found in the lobby of elite Sacramento Hotels and large corporate events. Carolyn completed many floral design classes throughout the United States. She had the distinct honor of studying at the Floral Art and Design Institute in Holland, under the teachings of German Designer, Gregor Lersch, and Dutch Master Dries Albert. With her vast knowledge of design and over thirty years of hands on experiences, Carolyn is indispensable to our team.

Kristina will most likely be the cheerful voice you hear on the other line as you discuss all your wedding visions and designs. With years of experience in our design family she is an expert at guiding our couples through the design planning process. Her love for flowers and organizational type A personality, make her the perfect designer for your wedding planning team. If Kristina isn’t planning floral recipes or replying to emails, she is busy raising two beautiful little girls. Kristina's an essential part of our studio and an amazing addition to our design family.



Manager / Lead Designer



Asst. Manager / Lead Designer



Design Coordinator

Kyla is a true artist both in the design studio and at home. Our clients visions go from paper to beautiful creation as Kyla brings her talents and her heart to everything she creates. Kyla's talents are euqually met by her bubbly and happy personality. A true beam of light throughout our studio that will surley bring a smile to anyones face. We are so lucky to have her as part of our design family.

Aidan is the newest member of our team and a giant part of our complete puzzle. You will most likely get the opprotunity to meet Aidan as he deliveres most of our events. His passion for design shows not only in his work but also in the execution of every event set-ups he does. The studio is a much different place with Aidan around and we wouldn't have it any other way.

You may not see Joey much out on deliveries, or even talk to him on the phone, but he is an integral part of the the behind the scenes here at the studio. Keeping us all organized and prepared for the weekly events. Joey takes pride in his work and it shows daily. When he's not at the Studio you can find him catching the latest Nascar race or cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen.






Lead Delivery Designer



Design Studio Coordinator

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